"Stephanie is wise, funny and one of the nicest people in New York, but she can be brutal with her red pen. She not only made LAW OF ATTRACTION a better book, she made me a better writer."
--ALLISON LEOTTA, Law of Attraction

"As a talented novelist and literary agent, Stephanie Lehmann has a keen eye for what makes great fiction. Her outstanding editing skills and expert advice have been valuable resources to becoming a published author. "
--SHOBHAN BANTWAL, The Dowry Bride

"Stephanie has guided me through five published novels and counting. Her help and advice give me a tremendous advantage moving from rough draft to finished product."
--Lisa Black, Trail of Blood
"From the first day we worked together, Stephanie knew exactly what my novel needed to improve it, and her specific feedback, especially in plot structure, resulted in a much stronger manuscript. Humorous, friendly, intuitive, and spot-on logical, Stephanie is in every way enjoyable and satisfying to work with."
-- MARGOT MCDONNELL, Torn to Pieces

"Stephanie Lehmann made each of my novels stronger. Her editing touch enhanced plot, pace and character. I wish she could watch over my shoulder as I write."
--JULIE KRAMER, Stalking Susan

"Stephanie Lehmann helped my first novel go from the slush pile to the bookstore."
--JESSICA JIJI, Diamonds Take Forever
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