Developmental Editing


Developmental editing can give you a strong idea of what is working in your manuscript, what still needs your attention, and how to go about revising. Developmental editing rates begin at $12.00 per page. Depending on your needs, I will address elements such as:

      • Point of View
      • Dialogue
      • Description
      • Voice
      • Character
      • Setting
      • Pace

      • Plot
      • Subplot
      • Backstory
      • Theme
      • Conflict
      • Crisis
      • Resolution


Line Editing

Line editing takes an even more granular approach that involves detailed editing of the prose. The moment-to-moment action taking place in the narrative as well as grammar, style, and voice are considered. Line editing rates begin at $8.00 per page.


Manuscript Consulting

Developmental and line editing are extensive and can be costly. For many people a general manuscript evaluation makes sense. Instead of detailed margin notes on the manuscript you will receive an editorial letter. Manuscript Consulting start at $5.00 per page.


Book Coaching

Book coaching potentially involves any and all of the feedback described above with the added benefit of regularly scheduled contact that includes person-to-person consultations over phone or online. You may want to meet just once for a consultation to work out a specific problem, or you might want coaching that takes place over a period of weeks or months. We can design a plan that fits your needs.


Book coaching rates begin at $200 per submission consisting of approximately 1 chapter (10 pages or so) that will receive a developmental edit (using track changes) and a 30 minute phone call. Packages are available. Go to Why Book Coaching? for more information.


The Agent Search

Congratulations! Your manuscript is ready to go. But another challenge lies ahead. If you're going the traditional route and need an agent, a query letter needs to be written. And sometimes they want a synopsis. And who exactly should you send it to?


Many writers would rather do anything than engage in self-promotion. You might be tempted to put this book away and start another one. But that instant gratification you've been craving for so long is almost within reach. Let me help you over this hurdle.


Rates for Agent Search:

  • Query letter: The rate is $300 to help you develop and polish a query letter. This includes as many rounds as needed to get it perfect.
  • Synopsis: The rate is $300 for helping you develop and polish a synopsis. This includes as many rounds as needed to get it perfect.
  • Outreach: The rate is $300 for providing you with a list of 20 agents who would be appropriate for your manuscript, an edit to polish the first chapter (or your first ten pages) that will serve as a writing sample, and coaching to navigate the submission process process.

A package of all three is $750.


Proofreading and Copyediting

This kind of edit is reserved for books that are ready to be self-published or submitted to agents. You've done all your rewriting; this is the final polish and your last chance to fix those darn typos. Proofreading and copy-editing rates begin at $35.00 per hour.


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