Developmental Editing | Novel Editor | Book Coach

I'm a Novelist and
Former Literary Agent

Who is Intimately Familiar
with Both
the Business and
Creative Sides of Publishing

Offering the Following Editorial Services

Book Editing


I provide manuscript evaluations, developmental and line editing for partial or full novels and memoirs. Copy editing and proofreading also available.

Book Coaching


For those who desire ongoing editorial and motivational support. You will submit pages on a regular basis. I will keep you focused and productive.

Agent Search


If you need a fantastic query letter, a compelling synopsis,  a list of literary agents right for your project - or all of the above - I can help.


About Me

Stephanie Lehmann

Author | Editor | Book Coach

For over fifteen years, I was an Associate at the Elaine Koster Literary Agency, where our authors included Khaled Hosseini, David Ebershoff, Kimberly Lawson Roby, Lisa Black and Monique Truong. Five of my own novels have been published, most recently Astor Place Vintage (Simon and Schuster) -- selected by Library Journal as a best novel in 2013, and by Kirkus Reviews as a best summer read. I've also taught novel writing at many venues, including,, and The Writer’s Voice at the West Side YMCA. Originally from San Francisco, I went to UC Berkeley as an undergraduate and came to New York for the graduate program in English and Writing at NYU. I don't seem to have moved anywhere else since.

I'm open to editing all types of fiction and memoirs, but when it comes to novels, I do seem to have a preference for historical, thriller, mystery and coming of age stories. I lean away from science fiction and fantasy. But I hesitate to say this because there are always exceptions and you never know.


Books I Have Nurtured

The Art and Craft of Novel Writing

Writing Workshop Meets Both In Person and on Online

Writing a novel involves creating a world populated by compelling characters while making sure every moment brings the story to its fullest potential. We’ll develop the skills to make that happen. Approaches to plotting will receive special attention. Other topics include voice, point of view, dialogue, pacing and polishing prose. This workshop will help whether you're just beginning, a few chapters in, or revising a draft. Each student will have a chance to submit one chapter, or about ten pages of work, at least every other week. These pages will be read by everyone in advance. Expect lively and friendly discussions by a small, supportive group. Appropriate for genre and literary fiction.

Class size limited to six people. 



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