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Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (film)

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Imagine if Bridget Jones’s Diary had been written as Bridget, Mark and Daniel’s Diaries. We’d have accounts from each of the main characters and three versions of events.

What if Kafka wrote The Metamorphosis from the point of view of a bedbug happily ensconced in K’s bottom sheet?

War and Peace would’ve been a lot shorter if it had been written only from Natalia Ilyinichna (Natasha) Rostova’s point of view.

And The Devil Wears Prada would’ve been a lot longer if the narrator had been omniscient and the writer wanted to show us how the fashion industry operates, giving equal weight to the story of the boss, the personal assistant, the doorman in the lobby, and a sweatshop worker in Malaysia.

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You can’t separate the intent of a story from how it’s told, so the author’s choice of point of view (POV) will have a huge influence on the unfolding of events. I’ve had the pleasure of writing an entire book in third person, then realizing I needed to go back and change the entire thing to first person. Sometimes (in my own defense) you just have to try something to see if it works.

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